Talent Show on 5-18-2010

Hello everyone, Kenkaniff here.

I thought I would start off by saying the talent show that was held tonight was fairly decent for the little amount of planning.  I was 20th in order to play, and when it got to be my turn, I played “Aneurysm” by Nirvana.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to videotape it.  When the backing track stopped at the end of the song, I had to fend for myself, so I created my own outro.  To do this I played some high notes really fast, then jumped off the stage (maybe 3 feet?) while continuing to do so. Then I stopped and pushed the guitar pickups up to the amp (which was only at half volume, but still extremely loud) and created an overwhelming amount of screeching feedback that echoed throughout the auditorium.  It was a fun experience, and if given the chance, I would do it again.

Hey, I should turn this into an article for my school newspaper… That’d be sweet.


1 Response to Talent Show on 5-18-2010

  1. LCD says:

    XD Sounds like you had a lot of fun. 😛 Makes me sorry that there wasn’t any way I could have gone.

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