Behind the scenes: strawberry mouse… errr…. mousse

If you’ve read blog posts relating to my sister before (I can’t remember any), you might be surprised to find out that this one has a lot on her. Mainly because….. oh how to say this…? I was her human tripod, so basically, I’m her graphics editor for that contest thing “Go ahead honey, it’s gluten free” or something like that, occasional photographer, the person who sometimes films for her YouTube videos, and her taster. So the recipe being tried this time was strawberry mousse (yum), with strawberries on top (it might sound weird, but hey, I don’t think I’d have liked it as much without the strawberry on top)!

The picture I’m using for this post is one I took, one which probably won’t appear on her blog or Flickr. Why? ‘Cause it does not satisfy her foodie perfectionism. I say that affectionately btw. This post is a bit of a “behind-the-scenes” thing. ^_^ So you’ll see the scenes soon enough, but until then, let’s get behind them! It might make watching the TBA (to be announced) YouTube video more amusing (I think that I’ll actually comment on her video this time).

First off, I did not want to do her filming, mainly because I was on the computer doing important stuff (having a friend (Dragon) help me go through what I’ve written for a story so far, and talking about unrelated things with her). But soon enough, I changed my attitude about the filming. Why? Because it actually started getting amusing. Scratch that, it was getting downright hilarious (to me at least). Z had decided that the mousse was firm (so she wasn’t going to wait until tomorrow), and that is why she dragged me (okay okay, she didn’t drag me per se…. she just made sure I came) to the kitchen. She positioned me (I had to get on a stool so it would be just right for her *rolls eyes*) and started running a knife around the inside of the glass thingies that held the mousse.

This is where the funny part comes in if you’re wondering. She held it above the plate, and nothing happened. No noise, no movement…. no indication that anything was going to happen. It appeared that the mousse was glued to the glass. But was she deterred? Of course not! So anyway, she goes and puts them in a dish and fills it with warm water (I had to film the mousse just sitting there for about ten seconds), and then takes them out and tries again. This time, we actually heard a noise. A note before we continue, if you watch the video, the camera shaking is the times I was laughing. Other than that, I started cracking jokes that drove Z nuts in some cases. ^_^ After the noise, she was about to tap it daintily again when we saw a drop on the plate! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! *drumroll* She even moved the mousse thing back so she could see. XD I should have zoomed in there, but I didn’t think of it at the time. Oh well. So she starts tapping it again, and after a few agonizing seconds (or a minute) it came onto ze plate with a “plop”. Of course, the moment wasn’t really agonizing for me seeing as I didn’t know how it tasted yet.

Lucky me. So back to the story, she goes and does this with the other, and then we stop recording, she starts playing it so we can see what happens. So then she starts cleaning up the plate for her photo-shoot, and I start filming just for fun. I even had a bit of a commentary “This is the stuff Z does for her photo-thingy, you know, all the boring stuff referred to as ‘cleanup’? Yeah, that stuff” or something along those lines. The look on her face was priceless, I wish I could have recorded that as well. XD I went to tell Dragon that Z was doing her foodie perfectionism stuff, but then Z called me back to the kitchen almost as soon as I’d finished fixing the problems Dragon had found in my story (grammatical errors or instances were I didn’t notice I’d left out a word). Guess what? She was going to shoot the photos, but I had to stay there even though I wasn’t doing anything other than talk! Why? Because as her “business partner” I had to remain there so she wouldn’t eat my mousse. So of course that got me to stay. I took a photo myself, just one (as I mentioned earlier), and when we were eating the mousse, I discovered just how many she had taken. Sixty. o.o It boggles the mind. I couldn’t believe she’d taken so many, so of course I go over to my computer to tell Dragon and talk about it. Oh, and guess what? Guess how many she kept? FIVE!!!!!

Then I decided that I was going to write a post about this, seeing as it was so freaking hilarious. So I can’t wait until Z uploads it (who knows, maybe I’ll upload it to my channel too, with a commentary! It would be my first video) so that I can watch it, laugh myself silly, and then comment about how I drove her nuts at a point. ^_^ So that’s all I have to say about this little behind-the-scenes adventure. G’night people!

You  can visit her blog here.

P.S. I only have “mouse” in the title for this post because I made a spelling error (which I removed of course), but when I was writing the title I thought of it and it amused me so I made the title what it was. If you understood that statement, good for you! Five points! Oh, and Z now has her own tag, so that I don’t have to always start the post with something along the lines of “this post concerns Z”, for any people from her blog that she might direct to mine (if any). That way, they have a tag that would have stuff with her, and they wouldn’t have to know the title of the post to get to it. ^_^


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